Pet Odor/Stain Removal

"Pet Odor/Stain Removal"


Area of Interest: rid the urine, fecal, or vomit pet smells and stains which seem to never go away.

Benefits: aside from controlling organic pet odors, this kit is designed to act upon common pet stains with a restorative cleaner and sanitor.

This professional-strength cleaning kit includes:
  • 1-gal "#128 PET STAIN REMOVAL CONCENTRATE"-it safely "bleaches" spots/stains away WITHOUT damaging surfaces.

    Accessories :
  • 1- Mixing Measuring Bottle
  • 1-RED Color-Coded Sanitizer/Stain Remover Spray bottle
  • 1-Long handle stain removal brush
  • 1-pr. rubber gloves

  • 1-gallon liquid "BIO-ADE"  Bacterial/Enzymatic
    Odor Neutralizer
    Engulfs pet odor-producing bacteria through biological digestion.
    Excellent on "soft"surfaces such as carpeting and upholstery.

    Accessories :
  • 1-trigger sprayer (for small area "BIO-ADE" applications)
  • 1-scrub brush
  • 1-scrub sponge
  • 1-pair of rubber gloves
  • Plus easy-to-follow directions

1 kit each
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