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"d'BUG" is a "NON-TOXIC", Ready-To-Use , WATER-BASED insecticide that can be used SAFELY around children as well as in food processing areas. From schools and day-care centers to restaurant kitchens and food processing plants, "d'BUG" eliminates unwanted insects without posing a threat to children or food. It can be used as a contact spray for immediate kill-OR- residual insecticide lasting for weeks after application. "d'BUG"  can be used in cracks & crevices; pantries; garbage dumpsters; cabinets; doorways; ant hills; window frames; pet bedding; behind kitchen and laundry room appliances; and all around a building.


"d'BUG"  is formulated with "ALL-NATURAL" d'Limonene  Orange Extract. This d'limonene ingredient-A NATURAL SOLVENT-created from the peel of an Orange  fruit dissolves and "strips away" the protective layer of wax coating from an insect's exoskeleton which causes them to suffocate and die on contact. It kills and repels a wide variety of insects including ants, roaches, and fleas. Conversely, it is HARMLESS to people, pets, and food.
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Package (Bulk Liquid Concentrate)
4/1 gallon case
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"Liquid Fence Plus"

"Liquid Fence"
...under 'L')


LIQUID FENCE PLUS is a NATURAL animal repellent that was developed to keep certain animals, such as deer, rabbit and other herbivores, from destroying plants; flowers; landscaping; garden areas; shrubs; trees, and vines based on an odor that certain animals find offensive. By following the suggested procedure of application of  LIQUID FENCE PLUS, you will be able to keep the unwanted critters from destroying your valuable vegetation by "TRAINING" them to change their eating habits to places other than your property.

While most competitive products work on the basis of a bitter taste ( so animals must first bite plants thereby causing damage ), LIQUID FENCE PLUS creates an odor that animals find offensive, leaving vegetation intact!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, LIQUID FENCE PLUS uses non-toxic ingredients and is biodegradable. It is safe for use near people and pets when used as directed. All ingredients in LIQUID FENCE PLUS are exempt from E.P.A. registration and falls under 25-B classification of non-registration.

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1 QUART of READY-TO-USE ( Trial Size ) COVERS approx. 500 Square Feet.

1 GALLON of READY-TO-USE ( Includes Sprayer ) COVERS approx. 2,000 Square Feet.

12/32 oz/case

( Coverage : 500 Sq.Ft.per quart )

4/1 gallons/case

( Coverage : 2,000 Sq.Ft.per gallon )

Designated "Liquid Fence" Tank Sprayer
( 5 liter capacity-1.3 gallons )

Defining 'GREEN' products

    A hypersensitive response of the human body to foreign substances which reacts as IF the body is under attack by disease-causing pathogens. The warning signs or symptoms are quite familiar to anyone who has suffered from a cold or flu: sore or tightened throat; sinus pain; hoarseness; chronic cough; burning eyes; running nose; aching muscles and joints; extreme fatigue; headaches and difficulty concentrating. A list of allergens or allergic triggers reads like an inventory of creation, including life's sustenance (certain foods); perils (insect stings), and inescapable realities ( irritant dust, mold & mildew, chemical residues, pollen ).

  • "BIODEGRADABLE": The potential capability of a substance to break-down into innocuous by-products over time which are re-introduced into the environment. "NATURAL" and "ORGANIC" substances "BIODEGRADE" easier and more readily than Synthetic and Inorganic Substances. However, the term "BIODEGRADABLE" (the ability to break down into simpler organic components) is vague and confusing. The misnomer about this term is that EVERYTHING in life is "Biodegradable" . Some things biodegrade in days and others in millions of years. Please note that products labels making this claim DO NOT provide within what time frame that their product "biodegrades"!

  • "COLLOIDAL": Future cleaning products which are environmentally preferable which will replace effective but potentially hazardous industrial degreasers like butyl cellusolve and  tri-chloroethylene will be 'BIODEGRADABLE COLLOIDAL SOLUTIONS'.
           In 1827, Robert Brown first observed the irregular motion of small particles suspended in a liquid or gas. This irregular motion was caused by the bombardment of the suspended particles by molecules of the liquid or gas they were suspended in a uniform medium. The motion of the molecules gave rise to a powerful cleaning technology, known as "colloids". Quite simply, colloid solutions have been described as millions of tiny "jackhammers" in constant motion.
            Colloidal molecules move in a "zig-zag" design after being charged and ionized to repel each other. Temperatures affects the amounts of movement. These molecules move with a velocity proportional to the square root of temperature. These "charged" colloid-sized particles of silt and clay pick up dirt or pollutants such as arsenic, lead, cadium, pesticides, etc., and because the particles are "like" charged, they remain in suspension. This suspension is one of the basic steps in soil removal. Dirt or oil particles bond together, as well as to surfaces. The colloids grab dirt particles, break up the dirt and keep the dirt particles from re-bonding or re-depositing on the surface, due to like charges that constantly repel.

  • "ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY" : A term used by manufacturer's in their sales literature and on their packaging as "sales & marketing" hype to imply that a product is environmentally compatible and safer to use WITHOUT any substantiation or documentation by an objective third party.

  • "ENVIRONMENTALLY-PREFERABLE" : In February 1993, Public Building Services (PBS) of the federal government's General Service Administration (GSA) began the "Cleaning Products Pilot Program". At that time, the objective was to identify specific ENVIRONMENTALLY-PREFERABLE( the only viable, legally-binding environmental cleaning chemical term assigned by the federal (and state) governments for products with credentials regarding testing/performance criteria and impact on the environment and health/safety of individuals) cleaning products with reduced health and safety concerns for use in cleaning over 7,000 federal buildings. Up to that date, most of the publicly available environmental information on products consisted of UNSUBSTANTIATED VENDOR CLAIMS OR HOME REMEDIES ( with descriptions like "Environmentally-Friendly" and "Environmentally-Safe"). PBS officials wished to define and identify "GREEN" cleaning products. Product usage was chosen as the key focus for assessment since it was indicative for the greatest direct health risk from the cleaning products to custodial workers to occupants. Consequently, specific environmental attributes were identified to help assess the environmental preferability of commercially available cleaning products (OR THE INACCURATE DESCRIPTION, ENVIRONMENTALLY-SAFE, or, ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY which really should be described ONLY as "Environmentally-Preferable" as defined by the federal and state government with such programs.). These attributes are: 1)   Skin irritation potential; 2)   Chronic health risks from skin and inhalation exposure; 3)   Quickness of ultimate biodegradation; 4)   Accumulation Factor (Bio-Concentration Factor of an ingredient to accumulate into the food chain); 5)   Percentage of V.O.C.(volatile organic compounds) which increases the potential for off-gassing; 6)   Amount of product packaging waste; 7)   Presence of ozone depleters; 8)   Dispensing Method in regards to potential exposure to concentrated cleaning solutions; 9)   Degree of flammability; 10)   Amount of cosmetic additives (fragrances and dyes); and 11)  Impact on energy requirements.
         These 11 standards and criteria established the ONLY basis for "Environmentally  "GREEN"  Preferable" cleaning products. Presently, there are ONLY 5 states which have a statewide "ENVIRONMENTALY PREFERABLE CLEANING PRODUCT" Purchasing Program ( Massachusetts, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Washington, Vermont ). These states even have more stringent criteria for their definition of "environmentally-preferable" based on the 1993 federal guidelines.

  • "ENVIRONMENTALLY-RESPONSIBLE" : A notation used by 'HEALTHY CLEAN BUILDINGS' which implies that a product appears to be "environmentally-sound" based upon a two year investigative search of the marketplace for less 'toxic' and hazardous' products ( compared to existing, conventional cleaning products ); and claims made by the manufacturer's literature and/or packaging.

  • "ENVIRONMENTALLY-SAFE" : A term used by manufacturer's in their sales literature and on their packaging as "sales & marketing" hype to imply that a product is environmentally compatible and safer to use WITHOUT any substantiation or documentation by an objective third party.

  • "E.P.A. (ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY)":  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was established as an independent federal agency on December 2, 1970. It's mission is to protect human health and to safeguard the natural environment--air, water, and land--upon which life depends. This agency (EPA) endeavors to accomplish its mission systematically by proper integration of a variety of research, monitoring, standard-setting, and enforcement activities. As a complement to its other activities, EPA coordinates and supports research and anti-pollution activities of State and local governments, private and public groups, individuals, and educational institutions. EPA also monitors the operations of other Federal agencies with respect to their impact on the environment.

  • "GREEN" Products: A layman's term to describe any product which appears to be compatible within an environment WITHOUT adversely impacting or affecting that environment. These products are perceived as products that DO NOT impact the environment negatively and assist in reducing the waste stream. Unfortunately, the term  "GREEN"  is used loosely by manufacturers without any standards or criteria to judge their products' environmental soundness.

  • "HYDROPHILE": A surfactant which penetrates water

  • "I.A.Q. (Indoor Air Quality)":  Indoor air pollution is a major public health problem that threatens virtually everyone in enclosed indoor environments. Contaminated indoor air occurs when toxic substances combine with inadequate building ventilation, causing health problems. Some health effects from indoor air pollutants such as irritation of eyes, nose, and throat; headaches, dizziness, or fatigue. These are usually short-term and treatable. In some instances, it may involve leaving the area and getting fresh air. In other instances, these symptoms maybe similar to a cold or other viral infections, making it difficult to distinguish if an actual IAQ problem actually exists. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to WHEN and WHERE these symptoms occurs. If the problem fades or goes away when you away from the area and returns when you come back, it may be associated with the quality of indoor air. This approach will assist in determining if symptoms are building-related. A healthy indoor environment is one in which the surroundings contribute to productivity, comfort, and a sense of health and well-being. The indoor air should be free from significant levels of odors, dust, and contaminants; and circulated to prevent stuffiness without creating drafts. Temperature and humidity are appropriate to the season and to the clothing and activity of the building occupants. There should be enough light to illuminate work surfaces withou creating glare and noise levels, which interfere with activities. Sanitation, drinking water, fire protection and other factors affecting health and safety should also be well-planned and properly managed. Good air quality is an important component of a healthy indoor environment.

  • "INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT ( I.P.M. Practices )" :  is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management. An IPM program employs common-sense strategies to reduce sources of food, water, and shelter for pests. IPM programs take advantage of all pest management strategies, including judicious careful use of pesticides ONLY when necessary. It is an integration of cultural, mechanical, and lowest-impact chemical control strategies.

  • "LIPOPHILE": A surfactant which penetrates greases and oils .

  • "MICELLES": Minute particles within "Colloidal Solutions"- when combined with water- ionically break water's surface tension (the property that keeps water droplets round), resulting in "super-wet" water. That same action allows the "micelles" to penetrate grease, oil and related soils and to hold them in liquid suspension. In effect, the "micelles" make the dirt and oils dissolve in water.

  • "MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVITIES (M.C.S.)": Harsh allergic reactions to chemical residues or vapors within the work place and/or an indoor environment. This condition may begin to develop as exposure to such allergens in the indoor and outdoor environments develop and worsen.

  • "NATURAL" : According to the dictionary, ' "NATURAL" is defined as "existing in or formed by nature"; having a real or physical existence in the form of "the material world" surrounding mankind and existing independently of his/her activities.' A product derived from animal/biological, mineral or plant sources, in a form that substantially occurs in nature is considered "NATURAL". Accordingly, the make-up of something regarded as "NATURAL" is NOT man-made or synthetic. "NATURAL" substances can be "toxic" to mankind. For example, 'Strychnine' is a very poisonous alkaloid derived from a natural means-seeds of the nux vomica tree, St. Ignatus beans or other members of the Strychnos genus of trees, shrubs, and vines. In moderate doses, it is used as a "toxic" pesticide. In much smaller doses, it serves beneficially as a stimulant in human and veterinary medicine. In large doses, it becomes a potent, deadly poison.

  • "ORGANIC" : Any substance containing the element "carbon" is, by technical definition,..."ORGANIC". The common misconception that organic and natural have the same meaning may cause the non-technical consumer to believe that a man-made organic material is natural when it is not. Most commonly, "ORGANIC" pertains to a class of chemical compounds which formerly derived from a living organism-either animal or plant. Although the species Amanita verna mushroom is considered one of the deadliest, any product derived from it would be considered "ORGANIC", poisonous, and toxic.
    For example, one of our many products-"BIO-ADE" is termed a 100% 'NATURAL ENZYMATIC/BACTERIAL "ORGANIC" WASTE DIGESTER' which eliminates organic odors, including those from pets, by engulfing the odor- producing bacteria created by them. It is the bacteria which is the SOURCE of these odors and must be eliminated to resolve this problem. Organic matter breaks down naturally through the action of the bacteria contained within it. However, it is a slow process and must be boosted with the addition of more "positive" bacteria. Our enzyme/bacterial digestors with 'INSTANT ODOR CONTROL' are live non-pathnogenic bacteria which engulfs the odor-producing bacteria while boosting the breakdown of organic matter. These enzymes and bacteria are derived and cultured from the scrapings of the stomach linings of slaughtered cattle. In other words, the same type of lipase, amylase, and protease enzymes which are found in an animal's digestive system to break down foodstuff is being used to boost the natural breakdown of organic matter. They follow the food source wherever it goes and "eat" the source of the odors They are non-toxic, harmless (so they won't hurt your pet) but quite effective. This non-pathogenic bacteria combined with 'Instant Odor Control' biologically DESTROYS ODOR-PRODUCING BACTERIA on contact! In short, odors through a pure ' NATURAL' and ' ORGANIC' means disappear.

  • "SICK BUILDING SYNDROME":  Adverse reactions to various allergens affecting more than one individual within the indoor work environment or a building. This condition may begin to develop as exposure to such allergens in the indoor and outdoor environments develop and worsen. A significant factor to "Sick Building Syndrome" is the disappearance of symptoms as occupants leave the building and the re-appearance of symptoms as they re-enter the building.

  • "SURFACTANT": A shortened term for "surface active agent", the main active ingredients in soaps and detergents. These surfactants make water "wetter", and enhances the water's ability to penetrate and disperse dirts and soils.

  • "TOXIC" -or-"NON-TOXIC" are relative terms based upon amount, degree, percentage, size & weight of living entity being affected, etc. Certain people can literally "drown" internally by their own body fluids (or water). High amounts of table salt ingested can cause renal failure and death (although salt is included in most processed foods). In both of these cases, "water" and/or "salt" would be "TOXIC" to that particular individual. Additionally, a bee sting can be an annoyance to most and a matter of life and death to others due to allergic reactions. They key is the AMOUNT of a particular ingredient in a product and whether or not the product is being used properly according to label directions. Additionally, safer, "NON-TOXIC" chemical products must comply with the 1993 federal government guidelines. In February of that year, Public Building Services (PBS) of the federal government's General Service Administration (GSA) began the "Cleaning Products Pilot Program". At that time, the objective was to identify specific "ENVIRONMENTALLY-PREFERABLE" ( the only viable, legally-binding environmental "GREEN", "NON-TOXIC" cleaning chemical term assigned by the federal (and state) governments for products with credentials regarding testing/performance criteria and impact on the environment and health/safety of individuals) cleaning products with reduced health and safety concerns for use in cleaning over 7,000 federal buildings. Of course, most "product claims" derive from their product's effects on the average person (or "the masses"). The techniques and procedures for studying the harmful effects of chemicals involve the administration and testing of these chemicals on experimental lab animals or isolated living tissues. For example, coal miners used canaries to detect poisonous gases being released in the coal mines. Based on body weight and lung capacity, small traces of poisonous gases were "TOXIC" and deadly to the canary hours before the same gases would have any effect on the miners themselves. If a "spotter" saw the canary at the bottom of the cage, immediate evacuation of the mine occurred without any harm to miners most of the time unless cave-ins or explosions occurred. There are always exceptions. You personally may be highly allergic to the perfume that someone wears. Everytime that person comes near you , you may become deathly ill. Therefore, that person is "TOXIC" to you alone. However, that same person can pass by hundreds of people during the day without any concern. So... is that person wearing that perfume "TOXIC" or "NON-TOXIC" ? In short, EVERYTHING is "toxic" in life to someone. It's just a matter of relative degree and the amount of people, in general, affected by the same substance.

  • "ZEOLITE": Natural volcanic zeolite is a mineral consisting of silica and alumina.There are large deposits of volcanic zeolite minerals found in the western United States. Natural zeolites have a unique interconnecting lattice structure. This lattice structure is arranged to form a honeycomb framework of consistent diameter interconnecting channels and pores. Negatively charged alumina and neutrally charged silica tetrahedra building blocks are stacked to produce the open three dimensional honeycomb framework. Zeolites actually attract odors & gases and trap them in its crystaline structure. Zeolite has the ability to adsorb and desorb water, and gas molecules (odors) without any chemical or physical change in the zeolite itself. The material can encompass and control many times its weight in odors or moisture. Volcanic zeolite based odor control products last for years because they can be "recharged in sunlight". After the product has become saturated with the odors it has been absorbing, the volcanic zeolite can renew and recharge itself by placing it in direct sunlight for 6-8 hours.

"De Foam"
Anti-foaming Agent

"De Foam" is a highly concentrated defoaming agent, to be used in the recovery tanks of carpet water extraction equipment. It breaks down detergent residues, especially from carpets which have been previously shampooed.
Safety Data

Package (bulk liquid concentrate)
4/1 gallon case
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"Blue Heaven"

Liquid Deodorant


( For pricing, go to "Blue Heaven"
under 'B'... )

"Blue Heaven" is a completely biodegradable, "NON-TOXIC"  malodor counteractant that provides instant relief from unpleasant smells. It is water based and non-staining to most carpets, fabrics, rugs, and many surfaces. As a carpet freshener, "Blue Heaven" is designed to be added to most conventional carpet shampoos or water extraction chemicals. It can also be sprayed directly on rugs and carpets, diluted as per directions, wherever malodors are present.
Package : (bulk liquid concentrate)
1/55 gallon drum
1/5 gallon pail
4/1 gallon case

Safety Data

100% purely natural

Foul Odors Foul Odors Aerosol Spray
Aerosol-type Sprays

These "100% Pure Natural Deodorizer/Air Fresheners"  in a non-aerosol (although aerosol type) dispenser contains ABSOLUTELY  NO  Man-Made Chemicals, heavy perfumes or artificial ingredients. They rejuvenate your indoor work and home environments with aromatic "NATURAL" oils extracted from fresh citrus fruit extracts. These Pure 100 % 'NATURAL' essential oils eliminate odors instantly and leave the air smelling clean and delightful.

AVAILABLE in Lemon,-or-Orange Scents :

# 1 ) Lemon Scent ( Derived from the Natural Oils in Lemon Peel)--
GO TO : Pure Lemon Air Freshener; -or- 

# 2 ) Orange Scent ( Derived from the Natural Oils in Orange Peel)--
GO TO : Pure Orange Air Freshener;

These "Air Freshener/Deodorizer" Provides THE Natural Way
to Eliminate Foul Odors Anywhere!

Effective against : Dampness, Garbage, Litter Boxes, Mildew, Mold,
Pets, Smoke Odors !
Effective In : Basement, Bathroom, Boat, Camper, Car, Home,
Kitchen, Nursery, & Office Uses

NOTE : "Pure Lemon -or- Orange" Air Freshener WILL NOT STAIN OR DISCOLOR Carpeting, Curtains, Cloth Upholstery, or Other Fabrics.
BE CAREFUL : Direct Spray of these Natural Oils may effect
Plastics, Vinyl, Varnished and Painted Surfaces.


Discover the 100 % 'NATURAL' Advantage of Lemon/Orange Scents

PACKAGING : 12/7 fl.oz./case


Safety Data

Floating Citrus Odor Counteractant

"Floating 'NATURAL' Citrus Odor Counteractant" is a floating odor counteractant to control odors in drains, sumps, manholes, sewage treatment plants, lagoons, garbage dumps, landfills, and outside dumpsters. It's coating action creates a "seal" that floats on the surface of water. As foul odor seepage rises from below, it must pass through this 'NATURAL' seal which counters the malodors on contact. This coupling of odors results in a pleasant, positive effect.

Safety Data

Package (bulk liquid concentrate)
1/55 gallon drum
1/5 gallon pail
4/1 gallon case
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"Nok-im'-ded" ™ 

Australian Tea Tree Oil Tea  Tree  Oil Eucalyptus  Oil
made from

"Nok-im'-ded" under 'N' )


BACKGROUND :  "Nokimded"™    is an amazingly unique concentrated deodorization product for the carpet and fabric industry consisting of tea tree and eucalyptus oils from Australia. The basis for "Nokimded"™  is revolutionary extracts from the famous "TEA TREE" (melaleuca alternifolia), a member of the Myrtaceae found in Northern New South Wales Australia. There are over 300 varieties of "TEA TREE"  throughout Australia but ONLY this one boasts of "amazing" powers. This "TEA TREE"  OIL , according to precedence , provides anti-septic , germicidal , anti-fungal , and anti-bacterial immune boosting qualities that may be applied to a variety of health conditions. "TEA TREE"  OIL was used by Aborigine tribes for thousands of years as a healing plant when its leaves were crushed into mudpacks to cuts and skin infections. Myths tell of a "magical" healing lagoon , in which the local tribe bathed as a treatment for wounds , burns and other ailments. In fact , it was a pond into which tea tree leaves had fallen , creating a naturally antiseptic bath.

Famous British explorer Captain Cook discovered "TEA TREE" in 1770 when he and his men brewed the leaves of the tree to drink to prevent scurvy. Although it proved ineffective on scurvy , he returned home with his new discovery but it's merits was discounted by medical experts at the time. As early as 1923, Australian scientific evidence began to substantiate the "TEA TREE's" antiseptic and bactericidal properties. It's  "cure-all" effects made it standard issue in the first aid kits of the Australian Army and Navy during World War II . In 1933 , the British Medical Journal reported that "TEA TREE"OIL was "a powerful disinfectant-non poisonous and non-irritant ." By 1955 , the United States Dispensatory stated that "TREE TEA" OIL was actively germicidal..."with an antiseptic action 11 to 13 times that of carbolic acid." Recent research has even discovered that "TREE TEA" OIL can fight Methicillan-resistant Staphylcoccus aureus (M.R.S.A.-the so-called, hospital killer bug).

The continent of Australia is the largest "TEA TREE" supplier in the world. "TEA TREE"  OIL is a complex substance made up of almost 50 chemical compounds. The OIL CLAIMS To Have 4 MAIN FUNCTIONS:
  • #2) Acts as a ANTI-FUNGAL AGENT
  • #3) Acts as a VIRUCIDE (can kill certain viruses); and
  • #4) Naturally boosts the body's IMMUNE SYSTEM !
According to some experts, "TEA TREE" OIL is the strongest, natural antiseptics known to "man". It's 4-5 stronger than usual household disinfectants. A 1% solution in laundry water is known to kill dust mites, whose presence is known to cause "asthma" and other respiratory irritations in people. Additionally, "TEA TREE" extract is the key ingredient to provide "Nokimded"™  with the "POWER" as an effective DEODORIZER  and CARPET SOLUTION TANK ADDITIVE  in  'clean'  and  'unsanitary' water  and  'fire restoration'  applications.

Unfortunately, the exorbitant expense of registering this type of product with the FEDERAL   E.P.A.   prohibits the use of any cleaning or chemical term other than "DEODORANT" to be legally applied to this product in many instances.

"Nokimded" ™   DEODORANT --- U.S. Patent # : 6 , 019 , 963 -- 

The NOSE Knows! is a highly concentrated deodorizer derived from 'NATURAL' TEA TREE & EUCALYPTUS OILS. This product contains NO  Synthetic -or- Masking Perfumes to counter the offensive source of the foul odors. All odor dispersing agents in "Nokimded" ™ DEODORANT are essentially 'NATURAL' and 'BIODEGRADABLE'. It's odor-neutralizing formulation disperse malodors under many various circumstances such as : a carpet exposed to water from storm , flood , overflow , or pipe breakage which takes on "a musty smell" from mold & mildew growth ; a carpet contaminated by pet urine or feces ; and/or a fire-damaged building or home overcome by a strong smell of smoke. Further, this  'NATURAL'  and 'NON-HAZARDOUS' Deodorizer  upon  usage DOES NOT  effect stain resistance through chemical fiber protection of treated fabrics or carpeting.

"Nokimded" ™  DEODORANT  can be applied with pressure , pump-up , or electric sprayers ; water-based foggers ; sponge ; or injection type applications.

EFFECTIVE AFTER : Fires ; Floods ; Musty Mold & Mildew Odors ; Pet Mishaps; Sewer Back-ups.
EFFECTIVE IN : Autos ; Barns ; Bathrooms ; Cafeterias ; Cars ; Closets ;
Gymnasiums ; Health Care ; Hospitals ; Garages ; Hotels ; Infant/Invalid
Care ; Lockers ; Motels ; Planes ; Restaurants ; Sheds ; Shower rooms ;
Shuttles ; Storage Facilities ; Trucks ; Trains .
EFFECTIVE ON : Carpets ; Ceilings ; Clothing ; Drapes ; Floors;
Furniture ; Drywall ; Insulation ; Mattresses ; Padding ; Plaster;
Upholstery ; Walls

General & Laundry Deodorization :
Mix 8 oz. of "Nokimded" ™   Concentrate into
one gallon (128 oz.) of water.

Carpet Treatment : Pre-spray ; Truckmount Slurry ;
Clean Water Restoration --

Mix 16 oz. of "Nokimded" ™   Concentrate into one gallon (128 oz.)
of water , apply , wait 10 minutes , and extract.

Water & Fire Damage ; Unsanitary Water Restoration --
Mix 32 oz. of "Nokimded" ™   Concentrate into one gallon (128 oz.)
of water , apply , wait 10 minutes , and extract.

Boosting/Deodorizing Carpet Extraction Treatment :
Dilute Carpet Extraction Treatment with water into solution tank as per label directions. Add 1 to 2 oz. of "Nokimded" ™   Concentrate to pre-mixed carpet cleaning solution. THIS REAL TIME-SAVER will clean and deodorize in ONE-STEP!

  • Formulated with tea tree oil direct from Australia

  • This ancient mystic ingredient is recognized world-wide for its
    anti-microbial qualities.

  • Amazing deodorizing capabilities without heavy chemical

  • Used especially for: mold & mildew odors , urine smells ,
    water & fire damage odors ; and GENERAL DEODORIZING.

**Appearance : CLEAR          **Odor : FRESH, CLEAN
**P.H. : NEUTRAL                  **Specific Gravity : 1.00
**Flash Point : NONE             **Biodegradable : YES

Safety Data

Package (Liquid Concentrate) : 1/55 gallon drum ;
1/5 gallon pail ; 4/1 gallon case ; 12/16 oz. pint case

"Deodorizing Cabinet System"
Deodorizing System

"Deodorizing Cabinet System" is the combination of a sleek, contemporary cabinet dispensing organic essences from nature derived from specific plants, fruits, and flowers. This system encourages the specific molecular neutralization of specific odors. As the organic gel evaporates from the fanning effect of the dispenser, the system allows additional gel surface to "time-release" fragrance. The cabinet is fitted with a "light-sensitive" photo cell that will automatically turn the unit on with room lights and off in darkness. One Cabinet System can normally control odors in areas up to 3400 cubic feet. Once fragrance cup is unsealed, effective gel life is up to 30 days.
Available Scent: Lemon Lime (Citrus)
Safety Data

Deodorizing Cabinet ONLY-with fan, switch, L.E.D., and Light Sensor.
Requires ONE "D" cell battery for 30 day use (Battery NOT Included).
Organic Gels: 12/Fragrance Cups/case

Wholesale Price
$78.00/per dispenser

Website Price
$62.40/per dispenser

"Deodorizing Volcanic Minerals"

Volcanic Crystals Volcanic Crystal Odor Eliminators

under 'V' )


"Volcanic Deodorizing Minerals" are all-natural, odorless, non-toxic volcanic crystals which captures unpleasant odors through its "negative" ionic charge. Generally, all odors are positively-charged gases that float in the air like dust particles. The negative charge of the volcanic minerals "traps" the positively-charged undesirable odor particles. This process is similar to a piece of metal being attracted to a magnet-the minerals attract and hold foul odors making the air smell fresh. Once attracted, the particles become trapped within the million of microscopic channels contained within these volcanic minerals.

These "Volcanic Deodorizing Minerals"  will remove unpleasant cooking odors from kitchens, especially strong smelling foods such as fish, onions, and broccoli ; smoke odors from cigars, cigarettes, fireplaces, and wood-burning stoves; musty odors in basements, garages, and closets; pet odors from litter boxes, pet beds & cages, and pet accidents; or any other undesirable odors. These odor eliminators will keep cars, trucks, boats, and RV interiors smelling "fresh and clean".

TO USE : Simply place the netted bag containing the crystals in any area where undesirable odors exist. In 8 to 12 hours ODORS ARE GONE !



2 lb. bags are Effective in a Space up to 600 square feet.
Available In 2 LB. PACKAGE :

8 oz. bags are Effective in a Space up to 300 square feet.
Available In 8 OZ. PACKAGE :

RECHARGEABLE After 10 months, leave the volcanic minerals in its mesh bag in sunlight for 6 hours. This simple procedure will negatively recharges these volcanic minerals making them an economical odor-controlling tool that can be re-used over and over again.

Keep "Volcanic Deodorizing Minerals" in your kitchen, basement, car, or any other area where odors linger. These Volcanic Minerals will rid any space of unpleasant odors.


Safety Data

Dishwashing Program


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"ECO" Liquid Hand DishWashing Detergent ( with Natural Plant Ingredients. 100% Natural Lime Fragrance ) is powerful enough to get even your dirtiest dishes clean, but gentle to your hands. Its unique grease cutting formula easily cuts through tough, heavy grease and baked-on food, making your dishes "Squeaky-Clean"!

Active detergents are derived from renewable, natural plant ingredients .

Ingredients are : Ingredients: Water, glycerin, sodium citrate, citric acid, sodium lauryl sulfate, lauryl/myristyl glucoside, sodium chloride, ethanol, plant-based surfactants , & fragrance (parfum: citral, limonene).

Contains NO artifical fragrances, caustics, toxic substances, phenols, terpenes, glycol ethers, or traditional reagants.

Leaves NO residue of unnecessary petrochemicals on your dishes.

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"ECO" Powdered Automatic DishWashing Detergent ( for Machines )  cuts through grease and baked-on food easily and effectively WITHOUT the use of chlorine, nitrates, or phosphates. It leaves dishware and drinking glasses sparkling and "spotless". It contains natural enzymes and citrate water softeners to effectively clean even in hard water.

Ingredients are : Enzymes ( Non-Pathogenic / Non-Genetically Engineered ), Polypeptides , Sodium BiCarbonate , Sodium Carbonate , Sodium Citrate , Sodium DiSilicate , Sodium Sulfate , Sugar-based Bleach Activator , Sugar Surfactant , & Natural Fragrance .

Contains NO artifical fragrances, caustics, toxic substances, phenols, terpenes, glycol ethers, or traditional reagants.

Leaves NO residue of unnecessary petrochemicals on your dishes.

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"ECO" Rinse Aid for Automatic Dishwashing Machines NATURALLY shines Dishes & Drinking Glasses WITHOUT "Spotting"-or- Streaking . Prevents calcium deposits. NO petrochemical residues .

Ingredients are : 15 – 15 %: Sugar Fermented Alcohol ; 5 – 15 %: Citric Acid ; < 5 %: Sugar-based Non-ionic Surfactant ; > 30 % : Water.

"Dishwashing Concentrate"
For Automatic Dishwashers


cuts through grease and baked-on food easily and effectively. It cleans and sparkles dishes and drinking glasses. It contains natural enzymes and citrate water softeners to effectively clean even in hard water.


  • Leaves Your Dishes Sparkling
  • Removes Dried-on Food and Tough Stains
  • LeavesNO  Petrochemical Residues
  • Fresh Fragrance from Plant-based Ingredients
  • NO  Borates, Chlorine,Nitrates, and Phosphates


  • Bio-based and Mineral-based Ingredients
  • Full Product Biodegradability
  • Minimum Impact on Aquatic Life
  • NO  Animal Testing


    To clean a machine load of normally dirty dishes, fill the main cup (= 1.2 oz/ 3.5 g). In hard water areas, it is recommended to fill the open cup as well.

    Some items are unsuitable for machine washing. It is recommended to hand dishwash with "ECO" Hand Dishwashing Liquid for crystal glasses, hand painted china, wood or bone handled items and all silver. Please follow all manufacturers recommendations.

    Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Disilicate, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Sulfate, Sodium Citrate, Polypeptides, Enzymes ( Non-Pathogenic & Non-genetically Engineered), Sugar Surfactant, Sugar-based Bleach Activator, Sugar Derivatives, Bio-based Fragrance.

    Safety Data

    Package (Granular)
    Eight (8 )-48 oz.(3 lbs.)boxes/case

    Wholesale Price



    "Dishwashing Liquid"
    Hand Dishwashing Liquid

    is powerful enough to get even your dirtiest dishes clean, but gentle to your hands. It's unique grease-cutting formula easily cuts through tough, heavy grease and baked-on food while making your dishes "squeaky-clean"! This toughness is balanced by its gentleness-you can actually handwash delicate fabrics with this product, TOO!!


  • Kind to Your Skin
  • Cleans and Degreases
  • NO  Petrochemical Residues
  • Fresh Fragrance from Plant-based Ingredients
  • NO  Borates, Nitrates, and Phosphates


  • Bio-based Ingredients
  • Full Product Biodegradability
  • Minimum Impact on Aquatic Life
  • NO Animal Testing


    Cleans effectively without producting excessive bubbles. One squeeze is enough for a sink full of normally dirty dishes. DO NOT  use in automatic dishwashers.


    Plant-based Anionic and Non-ionic Tensio-active Surfactants; 100% Fragrance (Lime Zest-Type); Salt ; Citric Acid ; 100% biodegradable preservative; and water.

    Safety Data

    Package (Liquid Concentrate)
    6-25 fl.oz./case

    Wholesale Price
    $ 49.60/case


    $ 44.60/case




    "Disinfectant"  is actually a legal term that can only be stated on product labels that have been proven to destroy or irreversibly inactivate infectious bacteria and/or fungi of specific microorganisms in accordance with the E.P.A.'s (Environmental Protection Agency) detailed guidelines. The microorganisms tested are predetermined by the E.P.A.. In addition to bacterial kill data, E.P.A. scientists review the product for other characteristics such as; how toxic the product is to our environment, directions for safe and effective application, storage, disposal and handling plus a complete review of the health and safety profile of the product. When the E.P.A. is satisfied with all the scientific data, the product is registered by the E.P.A., an E.P.A. registration number is issued and the product can now be called a "DISINFECTANT". The E.P.A. number for "Benefect"  Disinfectant is 74771-1. Cleaners aren't registered with the E.P.A. and do not require an E.P.A. Registration Number.


    "Benefect"  : EPA Registration # 7477-1
    Packaged : 3/1 gallons per case
    ( + 2 complete labeled dispensing trigger spray bottles )
    Kills Over 99.99% of Bacteria, Fungus, Mold, TB and HIV

    "BENEFECT" :   Made from 100% botanical, biodegradable ingredients,"Benefect"  is safe for children, pets and the chemically-sensitive. It contains no chemical making agents, fragrances, petrochemicals or phosphates.

    "Benefect Disinfectant"  is the only 100 per cent botanical, hospital-grade disinfectant in North America approved by both Health Canada and Environment Canada. It has also been hailed as the first-ever disinfectant spray that does not require warning labels. "Benefect" is a 100% botanical disinfectant which main ingredient is Thyme Oil. This patented technology is proven to kill over 99.99% of bacteria, mold & mildew, yeast, and fungal spores on hard, non-porous, inanimate surfaces and to control odors produced by these microorganisms.

    "Benefect"  is made from botanically pure plant extracts fragranced with pleasant aroma-therapeutic essential oils. "Benefect"  contains NO added synthetic fragrances or dyes; ammonia or chlorine! "Benefect" is ideal for any surface where bacteria or unpleasant odors are a concern, including food preparation areas, health care facilities, countertops, children's toys, pet areas, and more.

    "Benefect"  is the first & only 100% natural disinfectant. It is made from biodegradable, renewable, botanically pure plant extracts with pleasant aromatherapeutic vapors. It is scientifically proven to kill 99.99% of all germs…naturally.

    "Benefect"  is very easy to use ...Simply spray it onto any area that needs disinfection. It evaporates in seconds! No wiping or rinsing is required. It is safe on skin, safe to breathe, even safe if accidentally ingested!

    "Benefect's"  Spectrum of Efficacy Hospital Grade Disinfectants  require testing against the following organisms with a standard contact time of 10 minutes. A 99.999% reduction is required for disinfectant registration. Sanitizer-level reductions of 99.9% are achieved in less time. NOTE:"Benefect"  is not required, nor recommended, to be rinsed or wiped off at all due to its natural ingredients and neutral pH. "Just Spray & Walk Away".


    "Benefect" is ideal for any surface where bacteria or unpleasant odors are a concern, including food preparation areas, health care facilities, countertops, children's toys, pet areas, and more. "Benefect"  is very EASY-TO-USE ; Simply Spray onto any area that requires disinfection. "Benefect"  evaporates in seconds! NO WIPING OR RINSING is needed. "Benefect"  is safe on skin, safe to breathe, even safe if accidentally ingested! Minimal chance for chemical contamination, overspray & building evacuation .

    Active Ingredient :
    0 . 23 % - Thymol (present as a component of Thyme Oil)
    Inactive Ingredient(s) :
    - Lemongrass Oil
    - Oregano Oil
    - Plant-derived ( Botanical ) Surfactant
    - Water

    "Benefect" Botanical Disinfectant is LESS ( < ) TOXIC
    than Glutaraldehyde, Bleach, Phenol, Ammonium, and Vinegar !


    "Dog/Cat Repellant"

    made with NATURAL PLANT OILS



    "DOG/CAT REPELLENT" is an ALL-NATURAL animal repellent which acts as a training aid formulated from all natural plant oils to help keep pets and strays away from landscaping beds, trees, shrubs, garbage cans / bags and other areas. It's application keeps cats and dogs out of your flower gardens, yard or anywhere you don't want them to be.

    "DOG/CAT REPELLENT" is the latest and most effective dog and cat repellant on the market. It utilizes the natural and "non-toxic"  chemistry in an easy-to-apply spray. "DOG/CAT REPELLENT"  provides a long term solution to problem cats and dogs and the mess they can make of your lawn or garden. As a great dog and cat deterrent, it is highly effective in protecting cars, boats, outdoor furniture etc. from scratch marks, paw prints and territorial "spraying".

    MOST IMPORTANTLY, "DOG/CAT REPELLENT" uses "non-toxic" ingredients and is biodegradable. It is safe for use near people and pets when used as directed. All ingredients in "DOG/CAT REPELLENT" are exempt from E.P.A. registration and falls under 25-B classification of non-registration.

    EASY-TO-USE : Simply spray (to a wet look) on and around landscaping, trees, shrubs, garbage cans/bags or other areas where the pet or animal are not wanted.
    NOTE : It is recommended that landscaping, trees, shrubs, garbage cans/bags are dry before application to ensure good adhesion.

    COVERAGE : 500 square feet per R.T.U.quart
                              2,000 square feet per R.T.U. gallon.

    Garlic Oil
    Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

    ( F.A.Q.'s )

    Q: Is "DOG/CAT REPELLENT"  safe for humans, animals, and my pets ?
    A: Yes, "DOG/CAT REPELLENT" is ALL-NATURAL. When used as directed, "DOG/CAT REPELLENT"  will cause no harm to people, animals or the environment.

    Q: Will "DOG/CAT REPELLENT"  harm my plants and vegetation ?
    A: No, because "DOG/CAT REPELLENT"  is water-based and made from essential plant oils, it will cause NO harm to vegetation when applied as directed.

    Q: How do I apply "DOG/CAT REPELLENT" ?
    A: "DOG/CAT REPELLENT"  is simply applied by spray application directly on the areas you are trying to protect.

    Q: Can I use "DOG/CAT REPELLENT" indoors ?
    A: If the desired use is indoors, "DOG/CAT REPELLENT"  should be tested for odor and staining acceptance prior to application.

    Q: Do I use "DOG/CAT REPELLENT"  all year long ?
    A: Yes, continue to use "DOG/CAT REPELLENT"  all year long as this will train the undesirable animals to avoid areas that you are trying to protect.

    Safety Data


    12/32 oz/case
    ( Coverage : 500 Sq.Ft.per quart )

    4/1 gallons/case
    ( Coverage : 2,000 Sq.Ft.per gallon )

    Designated "DOG/CAT REPELLENT"  Tank Sprayer
    ( 5 liter capacity-1.3 gallons )

    Wholesale Price
    12/32 oz/case

    ( $17.34/quart )
    4/1 gallons/case

    ( $34.65 per gal )


    12/32 oz/case

    ( $15.60/quart )
    4/1 gallons/case

    ( $31.20 per gal )

    " DRAIN - TREAT "


  • A Time-release Biological Treatment VS Harsh Chemicals

  • Automatically Breaks Down Built-up Organic Waste In Drains & Plumbing Lines

  • Continually Dissolves Fats, Oils, & Grease In Floor Drains

  • Minimizes Released Gases, Foul Odors, And Sluggish Drains

  • Eliminates Fruit Flies

  • Non-corrosive

  • "DRAIN - TREAT " is a drain device which serves as a time-released treatment block containing biological enzymes plus positive odor control . Water passing down the drain activates enzymes to break down built-up organics that causes released gases, foul odors and sluggish drains . These biological catalysts simultaneously dissolves grease and eliminates fruit flies . Your pipes and drains are safe, as our product is biological rather than chemical. Non-corrosive . Includes screw and wing nut to accommodate all types of drains . Eliminates Use of Messy Liquids, Saving Both Time & Money !

    SIZE : 2-11/16" Dia. x 2-1/2" H
    DURATION : One Unit Lasts 1 Month, Works 24 Hours/Day, 365 Days/Year
    FRAGRANCE : Fresh - Scent

    “ Bio - Kote ”

    “ Odor - Gulpers ”
    “ Orange Drain Cleaner ”

    Safety Data


    12 each/case

    Wholesale Price
    $ 145.34/case
    ( $ 12.12/each )

    Website Price
    $ 130.80/case
    ( $ 10.90/each )

    "Driveway/Garage Floor Enhancement"
    Driveway/Garage Floor Enhancement

    When interested, please refer to:
    More info. on your
    Residential Driveway/Garage Floor Enhancement Kit

    Area of Interest: Oil/grease stain and spill removal which creates unsightly marks on asphalt and concrete surfaces.
    Benefits: Quickly penetrates and breaks up embedded dirt and oil/grease stains for easy removal by flushing with water.

    1 kit each
    Wholesale Price
    Website Price

    "Dry Sponge"

    Wonder Sponge Computer/T.V. Screen Cleaner Pet Hair Lifter


    Dry Sponge Cleaning Technology
    This REVOLUTIONARY Dry Sponge Cleaning Technology is used ABSOLUTELY without Water, Solvents, or Cleaning Chemicals. These sponges are made from natural rubber material, which are treated with mild, biodegradable surfactants/detergents, and allowed to dry before use. It can be used over and over again for a multitude of uses. Each specific function is Color-coded to avoid cross contamination from one function to the next. Each type of sponge is compounded with related ingredients and slightly shaped & textured differently to perform effectively in its assigned function. Thus, each sponge is treated and shaped for its specific purpose. For example, the "Pet Hair Lifter" is formulated with a compound that creates a static electric charge. This addition allows annoying pet hairs to be instantly removed. More importantly, you would NOT want to use the SAME sponge for each task. For example, you would NOT want a sponge to wipe off pet hair and then use the same sponge to wipe off an expensive computer monitor or oil painting.

    Each color identifies the Dry Sponge's task :

    "BROWN" : "WONDER SPONGE"--Cleans Just About EVERYTHING. Cleans common Dirt, Dust, & Soils; Safely removes Pollen, Soot, and Airborne particles; Cleans Accoustical Tiles, Recessed Lights, Fixtures, and Ceiling Vents; Cleans Wallpapers, Woodworks, & Painted Walls; Cleans Baseboards & Areas above Heat Registers; Wipes Dust and Dirt from Silk Lampshades and Oil Paintings.
    "BLUE" : Dust Control for Allergy Sufferers--Wipes Anything Clean; Cleans Wallpapers, woodwork,  & painted walls; Cleans Venetian Blinds & Drapes; Cleans Upholstery.
    "GREEN" : Cleans Computer Monitors and Television Screens without scratching or smearing.
    "ORANGE" : Car Dashboard Wipe--Removes disgusting layers of dust which has settled onto your car's dashboard. This innovative sponge is specially designed to "trap" dust and dirt in a car's tight, awkward, interior spaces. When the sponge becomes dirty, just bang it out like a school chalkboard eraser and re-use. Fits easily into your glove compartment.
    "YELLOW"Pet Hair Lifter--A Dry Sponge formulated with a compound that creates a "static electric" charge. This charge is transferred to the pet hair causing it to curl and lift onto the sponge for easy disposal.

    For RELATED "Dry Sponge" Products, CLICK HERE : 
    "Soot Sponge", Commercial-type

    Color-coded"BEIGE" : Removes Soot and Smoke Residue.

    Safety Data

    Three ( 3 ) Individual Sponges
    Pick and Choose Any Type You Want
    Must ADD UP TO 3 PIECES!

    Wholesale Price
    $6.65/per Individual Sponge



    Only $6.15/each
    TOTAL PRICE: $73.80/cs.


    $6.00/per Individual Sponge



    Only $5.50/each
    TOTAL PRICE: $66.00/cs.

    "Dumpster Delite"

    Citronella & Eucalyptus Oils

    Effective Against a Wide Range of Odors
    While Keeping Other Related
    Dumpster Annoyances Under Control
    Associated with Waste Collection Applications

    "Dumpster Delite" --formulated with Citronella Oil ( a Natural Repellant ) & Eucalyptus Oil ( a Natural Odor Suppressant ) -- is a granular solid odor control system which eliminates obnoxious odors. Just sprinkle or broadcast the super-absorbent "Dumpster Delite"  across your dumpster, compactor, trash can or green bin after each service to rid any waste collection areas of foul, disgusting odors. This granular molecular odor suppressant instantly removes odors from dumpsters, trash receptacles, sand urns, locker rooms and more. It actually absorbs odors instead of covering them up.

    "Dumpster Delite" has an exclusive patented Odor Counteractant Formulation that selectively filters out a broad spectrum of malodors, eliminating them, not covering them up. This economical, long-lasting performance is biodegradable, contains no acids and is V.O.C. compliant.

    "Dumpster Delite" is powerful enough to handle dumpsters at restaurants, offices and hotels, trash compactors, sewage treatment plants, landfill sites, garbage trucks, municpal dumps, hospital waste and more.

    Citronella Oil :

    Citronella oil is extracted from the leaves of a tropical grass which grows naturally by the sea and the essential oil ( which has a strong lemony aroma ) is extracted from the freshly dried grass. The best varieties come from the Seychelles, Sri Lanka and Java. The citronella leaves have been used for their fragrance and their value as a medicine for centuries. Steam distillation of the fresh, partly dried, and wholly dried grass is used to extract the essential oil. The Chinese use the citronella leaves more specifically for rheumatism. Other uses have included intestinal parasites, digestive and menstrual problems. The leaves are also traditionally used as a poultice for fever, pain and to speed up the healing process. It is renowned for warding off crawling and flying insect infestations. Citronella Oil is used as an antiseptic and is effective for sprains or muscular aches ; and for treating Colds, Headache, Lower Back Pain, Migraine. It is also widely used in perfumes, soaps, skin lotions and deodorants. The therapeutic properties of Citronella oil include: antiseptic, deodorant, insecticide, parasitic, tonic and stimulant.

    "Dumpster Delite" is the right choice for controlling all kinds of odors in dumpsters, compactors, trash cans and dumpsites.Its use will eliminate a wide range of odors associated with just about any waste collection application including :

    Dumpsters at Restaurants, Offices, Hotels
    Trash Compactors
    Sewage Treatment Plants
    Landfill Sites
    Garbage Trucks
    Municipal Dumps
    Hospital Waste
    Manure Piles
    Decaying Carcasses
    All Kinds of Food Waste...including Meats, Fish, &  Poultry

    By using "Dumpster Delite" your waste containers will be odor free..It's exclusive patented Odor Couneractant  formulation selectively filters out a broad spectrum of malodors, allowing only pleasant odors to be perceived. The result - odors are eliminated, not masked or covered-up.


  • Extra powerful odor counteractant properties to handle even the toughest odors.
  • Effectively suppresses gaseous malodors.
  • Designed for long-lasting performance - provides dependable odor control
          between waste hauling cycles.
  • Economical. Simple application and outstanding performance saves time
          and money.
  • Biodegradable and non-corrosive for worry-free use. Contains no acids.
  • V.O.C. compliant.
  • Minimizes OTHER Dumpster-related Annoyances and
          Keeps Them Under Control

    From now on, controlling odors caused by restaurant, institutional and municipal waste will be easier than ever before! Extremely easy to use and very economical.Available in several sizes to meet odor control needs large and small. ...NO MATTER WHAT KIND OF ODORS YOU NEED TO CONTROL, "DUMPSTER DELITE"  IS  UP  TO  THE  CHALLENGE.

    Safety Data
  • Package the pound ( lb. )
    12/1 lb. canisters/case
    25 lb. pail
    100 lb. drum




    $ 44.40/case
    $ 62.50/pail

    Dust Control

    Dust Control for Allergy Sufferers Dust Control

    for Allergy Sufferers

    (FOR PRICING, Go To :
    under "D"

    A "BLUE" Color-coded DRY SPONGE designed to wipe away dust, dirt, pollen, and soot in one easy swipe. WATCH DUST AND POLLEN DISAPPEAR !! This DRY SPONGE wipes away just about Anything WITHOUT using Water or Chemicals.

    Remove dust and dirt with an even, sweeping motion, beginning from the top of the surface being cleaned. Exert moderate pressure. As sponge fills with dust and dirt, use unsoiled areas to finish cleaning.

    ---Cleans all wallpapers, woodwork, and painted walls;
    --- Cleans venetian blinds and drapes;
    --- Cleans upholstery;
    ---Cleans lampshades and books;
    --- Cleans Automobile Interiors;
    --- Cleans acoustical tiles, recessed lighting, fixtures, and ceiling vents.

    These DRY SPONGES are made from a natural rubber that are treated with mild surfactants/detergents which are encapsualated into the rubber and then dried out. Each sponge is Color-coded with a specific function to avoid cross-contamination since you would not want to remove pet hair with the same sponge to wipe off dust.

    SAFELY REMOVES :                            SAFELY DUSTS :
    * Airborne Particles                                  * Books
    * Dust                                                        * Fabrics
    * Pollen                                                      * Houseplants
    * Soot                                                         * Woodwork & Furniture
    Safety Data

    "Dustroy" ™ 

    ALLERGIC REACTION Dustmite Inhibitor

    "Dustroy" ™  is a totally natural and readily biodegradable ANTI-ALLERGEN solution that denatures the proteins in dust mites and its feces; and pet dander-rendering them harmless. Comprised of fruit seed extracts, and a powerful non-ionic surfactant system , "Dustroy" ™  quickly and effectively denatures protein allergens without aromatics, insecticides, toxins, petroleum solvents or glycol ethers. These active ingredients work by instantly de-activating the allergen DER p1 and DER f1 in dust mite droppings by de-naturing and substantially reducing the IgE antibody-binding capacity of these of these allergens. As a result, they are no longer "recognized" by the body's immune system and they DO NOT bond with the antibodies sent to destroy them. This bonding process is the cause of the body's allergic response, better known as the "allergy attack". In extreme cases, this attack can become an over-reaction of the immune system producing distress symptoms which may pose a threat to life for certain, highly allergic people.


    "Dustroy" ™ : 
    • Instantly neutralizes and renders harmless the protein allergens created by dust mites. (DER p1 and DER f1)

    • Is NOT a DRUG or a PESTICIDE

    • Is NOT harmful to humans or animals

    • Is SUITABLE for carpets, bedding, mattresses, pillows, comforters, upholstery, cushions, and all other "soft" surfaces.

    • Effectively controls major causes of asthma and rhinitis related to dust mite allergens.

    • Will NOT harm most fabrics or interior surfaces. Does not contain tannic acid.

    • Is proven in studies by the world's leading experts to effectively and instantly render harmless the allergen from dust mites

    • Is Fully Biodegradable

    Safety Data

    Package ( Liquid )

    12/32 oz./case

    Wholesale Price

    Website Price



  • Made with NATURAL Oils
  • Enhances Indoor Air Quality
  • Traps and Holds Dust & Dirt
  • Restores Floor Sheen & Luster
  • Treats Dust Mops, Rags,  & Dust Cloths
  • Reduces Allergic Triggers


    "DustSoy-60" Bio-based Dust Mop Treatment & Dust Suppressant  is a Ready-to-Use Natural solvent-based  formulation which acts as a coagulant when applied to dust. It consists of 60% Soy-bean Oil combined with a biodegradable, minimal V.O.C. ( Volatile Organic Compounds ) solvent medium . A bio-based alternatives such as soybean oil significantly reduces the health and safety risks related to petrochemicals.

    "DustSoy-60"  Dust Mop Treatment attracts and holds dust like a "magnet" to dust mops and cloths; rags; sawdust & and sweeping compounds; and other related tools commonly used in dusting and cleaning operations. It coagulates and binds dust to application equipment such as dust mops and cloths for easy soil removal. Just thoroughly PRE-SPRAY  product from a trigger sprayer as a mist onto the dusting tool's surface and WAIT 24 HOURS  before application. It's use reduces the chance of choking dust from becoming airborne, and not only attracts dust, but also cleans and restores the sheen of floors. "DustSoy-60's"  use is ideal for maintaining many types of flooring, including wood &  gymnasium, terrazzo, concrete, sealed or painted surfaces , and warehouse floors . Daily dust mopping with this product will increase the life and beauty of floors by reducing the abrasive effects of tracked in dirt. Ideal for removing black rubber heel marks.

    As a dust suppressant, "DustSoy-60" greatly reduces the chance of choking dust from becoming airborne in construction projects. Due to its solvent-base, it is long-lasting and residual. Just apply directly onto dust through a pump sprayer . Wait 1-2 hours as drying time before sweeping or removal is attempted. In any application, use undiluted.

    COMPARISON CHART : Conventional Dust Mop Treatment & DustSoy-60

    XXXXXXXX Conventional Dust Mop Treatment DustSoy-60
    KEY ACTIVE INGREDIENT : Mineral Spirit SoyBean Oil
    Biodegradability : Minimal 100 %

    V.O.C. Content :

    6.0-7.0 lbs./
    per gallon
    2.0-2.5 lbs./
    per gallon

    VOC Release Into Air

    100 % 40%

    Aromatic Solvents

    12-18 % 0-1 %


    100-115 degrees 170-190 degrees
    ( Liquid )

    4/1 gallon case

    Wholesale Price

    (12/32 oz.)

    ( 4/1 gal.)

    Website Price

    (12/32 oz.)

    ( 4/1 gal.)

    DISCLAIMER :  Some  product  lines are  manufactured  and  distributed  by  world-wide  corporations  known  for  being  leaders  and  innovators of high quality  products in  the  organic,  biodegradable, and  environmental fields.  In  some  instances, these  easily  recognizable
    brand  names are  being  replaced with generic descriptions  so  we  can  offer  our  valued  Internet  visitors  a  discounted   website  price,
    where applicable. Offer Void Where Prohibited.

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