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  • Catches Urine Drips and Splashes

  • Fiber Construction Suspends Urine So Mat Dries Continually.

  • Protects Floors Through Stain Absorption
    And Damage Control

  • Fights Germs , Combats Odors , € Refreshes Area .

  • Inhibits The Spread Of Bacterial Growth

  • Odor Neutralizing ...
    One Mat Is Effective For 4 - 6 Weeks

  • Improved Backing Grips Floor Better ...
    NO Tape or Velcro

  • NON-SLIP Bottom Provides A Safer Surface

  • Keeps Restrooms More Sanitary

  • "PISHY  PAD " is a disposable urinal floor mat which keeps restroom facilities dry, clean and looking professional. The restroom mat is a practical protective restroom tool designed to control odors and minimize floor staining around urinals . Mat fits under urinal to capture urine spills and accompanying odors. Its absorption capabilities and raised surface keeps floor surface less slippery and shoes dry. Mats provide various hygienic and sanitary benefits to improve the restroom environment . Eliminates the need to constantly check and mop restroom areas . Appearance and design of these mats enhances any restroom with an upscale appearance.
    SIZE : : 17 1/2" W x 20 3/8" D
    COLOR : : Black or Gray
    FRAGRANCE : Fresh - Scent
    Safety Data

    6 each/case

    ( For Pricing, Go To :
    “PISHY  PAD— under 'P'... ) 

    "Urine Luck"


  • Surfactant, NON-PARAdichlorobenzene Block
  • INSTANT ... Evergreen Odor control !
  • COMPLETELY Biodegradable

    "Urine Luck" EXTRA-DUTY URINAL ENZYMATIC BLOCK/SCREEN contains powerful biodegradable and biological cleaning agents housed inside a flexible urinal screen. The block itself combines surfactants for emulsifying soils, water softeners to help reduce limescale build up and enzymes to feed on uric acid salts and engulf odor-producing bacteria. When urinals are used, each flush releases these special cleaning agents plus a specially formulated bacteria blend that keeps urinal and drain lines at full capacity and odor-free. The bacteria settle in the waste trap and take effect on uric salt build-up. As the enzyme block cleans and deodorizes as the urinal is flushed, the flexible screen contains debris in the mouth of the urinal such as cigarette butts, candy wrappers, and such; enzyme block cleans and deodorizes as the urinal is flushed. Each urinal block contains millions of bacteria that are specially selected for their ability to produce enzymes that digest fats, oils, grease, protein, starch, paper, and urea. Each block/screen lasts for approximately 30 days or 1,000 flushes. Block is completely biodegradable. Contains no acids or paradichlorobenzene. "Non-toxic", noncorrosive, and safe for all drain lines and septic systems. The block also has a subtle "evergreen"  fragrance. It should be noted though the product is designed to eliminate bad odours and not mask them with a heavy concentration of fragrance like many other products.


    Bacterial Enzymes work constantly to digest waste in pipes, septic tanks, and leach fields.

    Each flush releases millions of bacterial enzymes that consume matter naturally, reducing unnecessary maintenance costs.

    Reduces odors in urinal, pipes and septic systems automatically.


    Step I : A microscopic amount of the enzymatic urinal block dissolves with each flush of the urinal. Bacterial enzymes, surfactants, and chelating agents combine to keep the urinal clean.

    Step II : Human waste coats the plumbing lines on which bacteria flourishes. The released enzymes from the block engulfs and digests this organic matter. One form of this organic matter is Urea or Uric Acid which is more commonly called uric salt which holds odor-producing bacterias.

    Step III : The enzymatic action will continue down the entire drain system to biologically clean and reduce odor. When a septic tank and leach field are part of the sanitary system, bacteria will naturally attack and biodegrade waste in the septic tank. This will keep your entire sanitary system clean and free of odors.

    "Urine Luck" EXTRA-DUTY URINAL ENZYMATIC BLOCK/SCREEN is a biodegradable, natural, biological "GREEN"-related urinal solution that provides an odor-free, low maintenance, hygienic, pleasant washroom environment .

    Safety Data


    12 each/case

    Wholesale Price
    $ 45.00/case

    Website Price

    Blockless Deodorizing Urinal Screen


  • Protects Urinals from Clogging Debris

  • Minimizes Lingering Urine Odors

  • Releases Positive Fragrance for 60 - 90 days

  • Floats In Standing Water ...
    Allows Water to Flow Under Screen to Prevent Clogs

  • Flexible Material Conforms To The Urinal To Trap Debris

  • VOC COMPLIANT - NO Ozone Depleting Ingredients

  • Safe For Use In Waterless Urinals

    "URO GREEN  SCREEN " prevents debris from being flushed into the mouth of any urinal . Leaves base and mouth of urinal debris and odor-free. Unique design prevents splashback and reduces cleaning time. Flexible material conforms to urinal to trap debris. Safe for use in waterless urinals. Strong, gradual fragrance release ensures 30- 60 day use ( depending on traffic and water flow ). Deodorizer Type.
    SIZE : : 6-13/16" W -X- 6-13/16" L
    FRAGRANCED : Fresh Scent

    Safety Data


    12 each/case

    Wholesale Price
    $ 32.00/ 12/box

    Website Price
    $ 28.80/ 12/box

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